You may be aware that cities and towns can often be held responsible for dangerous road conditions that put drivers and pedestrians at risk.

But did you know that when an accident occurs in a condominium complex or a subdivision, the condominium or homeowner’s association might also be held accountable?

This happened recently in Florida. Andrew Curtis, a nine-year-old boy who lived in a condominium development, was riding his bike through the complex with his father. A car driven by another resident struck the boy, killing him.

Although the driver had apparently been careless, Andrew’s parents sought to hold the condominium association and its management company responsible too. They claimed that the association and the company had ignored traffic codes and hadn’t properly installed stop signs or trimmed hedges to allow drivers an adequate view.

A jury agreed, holding the management company and the association 90 percent at fault for the boy’s death, and the driver 10 percent responsible.

Though the jury’s award can never bring the boy back, the ability to hold the association and the company responsible helped to ensure fair compensation for the family under the circumstances.If you’ve experienced an injury or loss, call us at 864.233.7200 or 1.800.903.8101 for a free telephone consultation.