Important to Know: Your individual case is unique. Any result achieved in a prior case does not guarantee similar results will be obtained in your case. All dollar amounts indicated are gross amounts paid by the at-fault companies, individuals and/or insurance companies, they are not net amounts received by an injured person.

$1.4 Million for Interstate 85
Tractor Trailer Accident with Difficult
Liability Issues Resulting in Death.

On Interstate 85, a tractor trailer collides with a family vehicle stalled in the roadway due to the actions of a 3rd party, causing death to occupants of the family vehicle. We brought a wrongful death and survivorship claim against the trucking company and other insurance coverages available. The claim included John Doe claims, uninsured coverage claims, underinsured coverage claims, and stacking of insurance coverages. We initiated litigation against a sizeable trucking company and employed the services of accident reconstruction experts, who created a computer generated recreation of the accident sequence. Other experts on the claim included a trucking expert and medical experts. The case required an understanding of laws regarding the distribution of proceeds to minor children, structured settlements, and the understanding of laws unique to the operation of Tractor Trailer on the roadway.

$950,000 for Wrongful Death Case

Along the I-85 highway, a gentleman was working mowing the grass on the side of the highway and a car failed to anticipate slowing traffic and came off the road and struck him. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The team at Guest & Brady were able to secure $950,000 for the man’s family, all of whom live abroad. The case required managing minors’ interests in the case, dealing with probate court issues, and the appointment of personal representatives (i.e. executors) to represent the family in the case.

$1.4 Million for Auto Accident
Resulting in Permanent Disability

Two teenage boys were seriously injured when another driver hit them broadside after failing to stop at a red light. One of the victim’s injuries were life-threatening; he was air-lifted to a higher level of care and survived, but is permanently disabled. The Guest & Brady team secured proceeds that included a special needs trust that pays for a handicap-accessible home for the young man to live in for the rest of his life, and protects monthly lifetime government disability payments and medical treatment while also providing an almost 40-year annuity, which makes monthly payments to a trust for the injured client.

$750,000 for Motorcycle Accident Case

Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident where a car veered into the wrong lane and struck a man and his son riding a motorcycle. Both were wearing helmets and were driven off the road and into a fire hydrant. The man was impaled and his hip was shattered. His son suffered a head injury. His wife, riding behind them, suffered minor injuries and accompanied her son, who was air-lifted to a serious injury medical facility. The 10-year old boy was ventilated, but recovered fully. The father also recovered, but the accident caused him to be permanently injured. The team at Guest & Brady secured a $750,000 to cover hospital bills for the family and support the father cope with his chronic injury, including a structured annuity for the minor that will in large part pay for his college education.

$625,000 for Premise Liability –
Slip and Fall Case

An individual at a farm festival was injured after being thrown from transportation provided by the festival. The individual suffered several injuries to the knee requiring multiple surgeries. Treatment was unable to fully correct the injury, resulting in permanent injury. Guest & Brady’s team secured $625,000 for all costs of case including covering medical costs and to support the victim in coping with a chronic injury.

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