There’s a common perception that if you hit another vehicle from behind, you’re always at fault and you can’t recover for your injury. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

For instance, Christopher Grouix, a 22-year-old carpenter’s apprentice in Michigan, was on his way to work early one morning when he hit a logging truck from behind. Christopher died from his injuries, and his family sued the driver and the company that owned the truck, claiming that the truck was operating without the proper lights.

The logging company argued that Christopher was at fault, saying that because he’d been at a concert until 1 a.m. the night before, his drowsiness must have caused the crash. But a jury found that the logging company was at fault and awarded a substantial verdict.

Other drivers may be able to demonstrate that an accident was at least partially the fault of the vehicle in front of them. For example, perhaps the front driver suddenly slammed on the brakes for no reason while traveling in a high-speed area. Or maybe the driver stopped suddenly at a green light.

In these instances, an injured driver might be found partially at fault for the accident, but might still be able to be compensated for a portion of his or her injuries – the portion attributable to the other driver’s carelessness.

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