Having a good job isn’t something to take for granted these days and working hard to keep that job is an extremely important part of a man’s life. It’s a man’s deepest desire to provide a good life and home for his family, at least that’s how it was for Robbie.

Robbie was your typical commuter, working hard to earn a living and constantly enduring that grueling I-85 traffic day in and day out to be on time for work because he loved his job and that made the commute worth it. It was a normal day for Robbie, nothing out of the ordinary. He got to work on time and completed his normal tasks. After finishing all of his work he headed out the door for the long commute home. He couldn’t wait to get there, because there’s nothing like a nice, relaxing dinner with family after a hard day’s work. He got onto I-85 and settled in for his long commute in traffic, but there was nothing settling about what was going to happen to him. He was soon rear-ended by a work van and suffered significant damage to his wrists and his car.

He tried to go it on his own for a while, filing an insurance claim only to get denied like so many do. The insurance company was unreasonably difficult and denied his claim that the accident caused the injuries to his wrists. He was at his wits end. He didn’t know what to do, but no matter how scary it was, he had to go ahead with the surgery on his wrists. Even though the stress and thought of having to take on that financial burden was completely overwhelming, he had no choice.

That’s when he reached out to Guest & Brady. The first step to recovery and compensation was to prove his injuries originated from this accident. Through a consultation with medical caregivers, we were able to establish a direct cause and effect to prove that his injuries came from the accident. The obvious next step was to file a lawsuit against this corrupt and negligent insurance company. At first they only offered $15,000 in damages, but we were not going to allow them to get away that easy. They had caused too much stress in Robbie’s life, and we believed they needed to make it right., Eventually after an aggressive pursuit, they offered $87,000. We settled for that amount because it completely covered Robbie’s medical bills and provided additional compensation for his suffering and injuries. We’re so thankful for another successful case, but more than that, we’re so thankful we were to help relieve a stressful and painful situation for Robbie.