Life as a mom is no walk in the park. Moms are real life superheroes, always making sure everyone is taken care of, well fed, and gets to where they need to go on time with little to no recognition. But if you ask most moms, it’s all worth it because their kids are an extension of them, forever attached to their heart. This was exactly how our client Laura felt about her family.

Laura was spending quality time with her 7-year-old son last year, driving in the car with the windows down on a beautiful day. Like any mom, her worst nightmare was for something bad to happen to her kids, and she would do everything in her power to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, what happened next that day was a bizarre vehicle accident out of her control. As they were driving down the road a bee flew into the car through an open window. Laura swatted the bee and as she did her wheels went off the roadway and the car flipped. Fortunately, Laura wasn’t badly hurt from the vehicle accident, but her worst fears were coming to life as she realized that her son was severely injured. Despite using his seatbelt properly, her son sustained multi-level fractures in his back. Laura was hysterical. She feared for her son’s life as he was airlifted to the hospital and underwent a procedure for a multi-level fusion in his back.

Laura was utterly traumatized. She continually broke down at the thought of how a vehicle accident like this could happen to her family. She spent months and months blaming herself for what happened. Afterall, she was supposed to be a superhero and protector of her kids. Laura was grieving and all the while she was receiving bills of $80,000-90,000 from the hospital as her health insurance was being extremely difficult to work with. Laura never imagined her insurance company wouldn’t be there to protect and provide during her time of crisis since after all, she paid them her hard earned money every single month. She was so devastated that she could barely eat or sleep. That’s when a prior client of ours referred her to Guest & Brady.

That’s when we discovered that there was no shoulder to the road and it dropped off into a 4 foot deep ditch. We employed experts to investigate to see if there was a violation of set standards with the building of that road, because just looking at it we could tell it wasn’t safe. It was discovered that there was in fact a road defect and we filed claims to Laura’s insurance and to the South Carolina Department of Transportation for improper building of the road and maintenance. Thankfully, we were able to set a very wrong situation right for Laura, and she no longer had to carry the burden of thinking this situation was her fault. We’re so glad she trusted us to get her through such a trying time. We can’t imagine what the next few years would’ve been like for Laura had she not called us, but thankfully we don’t have to.