Few things sound more frightening than a drowsy trucker dozing off while piloting an 18-wheeler on a busy highway. That’s why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has imposed new rules shortening truck drivers’ workweeks, limiting how many nights they can stay on the road, and mandating rest breaks throughout the day.

As a result of these new rules, truckers will be limited to 70 hours of driving time per week, down from the old maximum of 82 hours. The government plans to enforce these rules by requiring drivers to submit their work logs, and fining trucking companies up to $11,000 (and drivers themselves $2,750) for each violation.

This should be a big boost for highway safety across the country.

By the way, the phenomenon of overworked truckers is another example of why you should always have a lawyer investigate any motor vehicle accident, and not just listen to the other driver’s insurance company. It might well be that in addition to the other driver, there are other people or companies who are legally liable to compensate you for your injuries, such as an employer who bent the rules by asking a driver to work too many hours.

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