No matter how careful people are, accidents can and do still happen, and they can change the lives of those affected. Negligence, lack of focus, and other reasons can be cited, but those may not mean much to those injured unless taken to court. That’s why lawyers in Greenville, SC like those from Guest & Brady exist: to help their clients get the compensation they deserve.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

The legal process can be confusing for the layman. A personal injury lawyer can represent the injured client, present facts about the incident, and push for any compensation that the victim is entitled to, especially if the cause is not the victim’s fault.

Aside from this, the attorney must present a recommendation for the defendant, which is to ensure that the person in the wrong will not commit the same mistake (or act negligent) ever again. Capable lawyers are fully aware of the ins and outs behind the legal process and they will be willing to guide their client through the whole procedure.

Who to hire and when?

It is everyone’s right to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer from Greenville, SC or any part of the state. You should hire the best one, however, to help you build a good case. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the benefits you’re entitled to.

The first criteria is experience. An experienced lawyer whose expertise lies mainly in injury law can be the perfect attorney for the job. Communication between client and lawyer is also very important, and for convenience’s sake, a client should at least hire a local attorney. If an injured person lives in South Carolina, for example, hiring a lawyer from Guest & Brady is a wise choice. Finally, a lawyer must be dependable and committed. A client can tell if the lawyer is interested and has the drive to see the case through. Consider the overall personality of the attorney if needed.


Personal injury cases are very common in any state, but this does not mean that each injury claim is the same. Every person injured due to another person’s negligence has the right to file a lawsuit and get the compensation he needs and rightfully deserves.