Guest & Brady has a “Caring Team” made up of several employees who work together to find ways to show care to employees and families, others, and the community at large. Recently, they sponsored the following initiative called the “Relationship Challenge.”

Employees received the following instructions:

The relationship challenge is for all Guest and Brady employees to invest in their personal relationships through quality time spent together. We want to hear about your own experiences so that others can be inspired and gather ideas for their own quality time events.

Employees were given a deadline submitted anonymous ideas that included:

  • Mother/daughter time – this employee regularly goes to her mother’s on Wednesdays after work and Sundays before Sunday school to fix her mother’s hair for church. It is usually an hour long visit with her mom enjoying how she makes her “beautiful.”
  • Keeping schedule open one particular day each week for a regular lunch/Bible study with a friend.
  • Spending time with their spouse, going yard sale/Goodwill hunting for furniture, turning a “need to be done” into something fun by stopping for breakfast, and joking and laughing at all the random things they found and the bargaining they did.
  • A husband and wife spending time together around their backyard fire pit, listening to music, slow dancing in the fire lit night
  • Participating in a Yellow Ribbon program for deployed soldiers, in support of an employee’s sibling.
  • Creating coupons for a spouse to find over an entire weekend, one for each of 24 hours, for special treats like a 10 minute neck massage or a morning of sleeping in without being interrupted. It was one of the best weekends the employee had had in a long time as they enjoyed their spouse finding all the coupons.

The caring team voted for a winning idea and gave a cash award to the employee who had the evening around the fire pit.

The firm is already doing the initiative again!

How can you invest in your personal relationships? Relationships are important. Guest & Brady values their relationships with each of you. Tell us your stories of relationship building.