There’s something so relaxing about a joyride on a pleasant and sunny Spring day. It’s a time to relax, reflect, and enjoy the outdoors. This is exactly how things started out for Andy before a terrible, unexpected turn of events changed the course of his life.

The day was picturesque, like a beautiful scene from a movie, and the scent of the breeze was refreshing. Andy was riding his motorcycle through the beautiful South Carolina countryside, as he often did. He loved the outdoors and went riding regularly, so he was an experienced and knowledgeable driver who always used wisdom while enjoying his motorcycle. However, on that fateful day his enjoyment quickly turned into terror when a car suddenly pulled out right in front of him, leaving him no time to stop or avoid impact.

The next thing Andy knew, he was waking up in a hospital with horrific injuries such as a collapsed lung, a fractured hand, and significant memory loss. After his motorcycle accident, he had no idea whatsoever how he got there or what had happened to him. Disoriented and in the midst of overwhelming anxiety, he reached out to our team Guest & Brady, and we visited him in the hospital. Once Andy realized the extent of the insurmountable medical bills potentially hanging over his head due to his lack of automobile coverage, he knew he couldn’t go the process alone.

Thankfully, Guest & Brady was able to take care of all legal actions, negotiations, and logistics so Andy could focus on his recovery without the added stress of legal negotiations. Today, Andy has healed from his motorcycle accident injuries, and since we were able to negotiate his medical bills and insurance liens down, he’s debt free and even collected some added compensation for his injuries. We don’t want to imagine what it could have been like had Andy not reached out, but we’re thankful we don’t have to. We’re honored that Andy chose to trust us during such a difficult time and that we were able to walk him to the other side as seamlessly as it could have been considering the circumstances.