Laundry pods – those single-dose packets of laundry detergent that can be put unopened into a washing machine instead of liquids or powders – have caused a spate of poisonings and other accidents recently.

Laundry pods are particularly dangerous to small children, who might bite into the pods or squeeze them, causing them to suddenly burst open. Exposure can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties, chemical burns, and depression of the nervous system.

About 30 accidental exposures involving children are being reported to poison-control centers across the country each day. Worse yet, six child deaths have been reported as well.

There have also been cases involving elderly people with dementia who, like children, have mistaken the colorful pods for candy.

Manufacturers such as Tide have changed their designs and placed child-proof closures on the packaging, but the incidents keep happening.

A growing number of lawsuits are now being filed, seeking compensation for injuries resulting from exposure to the laundry pods.

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