When people are involved in a car accident and decide to bring forward a claim for compensation, one of the first things they ask is, “How much will I get?” The final settlement of a car accident claim involves a multitude of factors, and it’s very difficult to determine ahead of time exactly how much you will receive for the damages you’ve incurred.

However, you can use the facts below to get a general estimate of how much your claim might be worth. This will in turn give you a better idea of whether the insurance company is offering you a settlement that is fair or too low.

Calculate Your Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one of the largest parts of a personal injury claim, and they’re the easiest to calculate. Simply add up all your medical bills and if you win your case, you’re highly likely to get at least that amount awarded to you.

Calculating future medical expenses can be more difficult and typically requires an expert forensic financial advisor to accurately assess, based on a variety of factors, what your future medical expenses are likely to be.

Calculate Vehicle Damage

After being involved in a car accident, your vehicle is likely to be damaged. Vehicle damage is another economic damage that is easy to calculate. Obtain a few different quotes from auto mechanics and body shops on the estimated cost to restore your vehicle to its working condition prior to the accident.

Calculate Lost Wages

Add up all the time you’ve missed from work and your hourly rate to get a basic idea of how much you could be looking at in compensation for those lost wages. However, keep in mind that calculating the total financial impact of an injury that puts you out of work is more than just adding up the hourly rate for your missed time. You need to keep in mind any paid time off, vacation time, and/or benefits that you may have earned if you had been working at that time.

When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

There are many more damages that need to be accounted for when putting together a car accident claim, including pain and suffering, psychological damage, physical disfigurement, and punitive damages when appropriate. These values simply cannot be calculated without the help of an experienced car accident attorney.

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