After a devastating motorcycle accident, the last thing you want to deal with is endless red tape. Communicating with insurance companies that want nothing more than to pay out as little as possible to your family and going back and forth between doctors and therapy can be exhausting and emotionally draining. Fortunately, you do not have to face the aftermath of a collision alone. By working with a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney in South Carolina, you can obtain the support, expertise, and resources you need to face each aspect of your case with confidence.

A Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Insurance Lowballing

One of the primary goals of an insurance company after an accident is to deny your claim or to offer you the lowest settlement possible. Many people accept this, assuming that they have no other options available to them. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and accepting the insurance company’s first settlement offer is almost never in the best interest of an accident victim. Your attorney can help you add up all the damages you’ve suffered, including vehicle damage, medical bills, and lost wages, and can provide you a general figure of what your claim is worth. If the insurance company offers a figure that is lower than that, you’ll know to decline and pursue the fair compensation that you deserve.

A Lawyer Can Help You Prove Negligence

In order for any motorcycle accident claim to be successful, you must first prove that the driver who caused the accident was negligent in some way. Was the driver texting while operating the vehicle, or were they drinking before they got behind the wheel? Were any laws broken before the accident or were they speeding at the time that the accident occurred? These questions are critical and your lawyer can investigate each aspect of your case to ensure they get answered. Your attorney can help you prove that the other driver was negligent and in order for justice to be done, the responsible party must be held legally accountable for their actions.

An Attorney Can Represent You In Court

If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, you may need to pursue litigation in order to get the compensation you need to fully cover damages related to the motorcycle accident like health care costs and other associated expenses. Litigation can be lengthy and challenging, but with a zealous motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you can pursue the maximum settlement award possible in your case with confidence.

When to Contact a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Don’t wait to call an attorney after a motorcycle accident. Once your medical condition has stabilized, it is critical that you get legal support as quickly as possible in order to preserve crucial evidence, prove negligence, and protect your rights. At Guest & Brady, we are dedicated to passionately representing our clients through every stage of their cases and will do everything within our power to advocate for the responsible party to be held legally liable for the accident.

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