One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with the aftermath of a devastating truck accident is bringing forward an injury case. When a trucking company or the driver they employ is negligent and an accident occurs, the trucking company will do everything they can to defeat the claim. The trucking company’s efforts will include attempts to discredit the victim(s) of the accident and avoid paying out damages. However, the industry-wide laws that trucking companies and truck drivers must abide by may be the very laws that help strengthen your case. Here’s how a truck accident lawyer will use industry laws to your advantage.

Truck Drivers May Not Exceed a Certain Number of Consecutive Hours Behind the Wheel

There are limits on how many hours a truck driver can drive consecutively, although many drivers may try to push these limits or alter their time logs in order to drive more miles and earn more money. By securing the logs of the driver who caused the accident as evidence, an attorney may be able to prove that the driver did not adhere to the law or trucking industry regulations and had exceeded the limit of consecutive driving hours, causing him or her to be fatigued or distracted before the accident occurred.

Trucking Companies Must Keep Their Trucks Adequately Maintained

In the commercial trucking industry, there are laws and regulations that govern how often a truck must be serviced and when certain parts must be replaced. In some cases, trucking companies may neglect to perform proper maintenance on their trucks or may avoid making certain repairs in an effort to save money. If the accident investigation shows that the cause of the collision resulted from failure to maintain the truck or make timely repairs, your attorney may be able to use this evidence in your favor.

Trucks Must Not Be Overloaded and Must Be Weighed Regularly

Trucks can only be loaded up to a certain weight in order to prevent dangerous accidents. However, many trucking companies will take on more cargo than they are allowed in order to increase profits, or skip weigh stations in order to save time. If a truck was involved in an accident is found to have excess weight or was not weighed regularly according to industry laws, your lawyer may be able to show that these factors caused or contributed to the accident.

When to Call a South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer

The most important thing you can do after getting medical care after a truck accident is to contact an attorney. Trucking companies are often quick to destroy evidence of their failure to adhere to industry regulations and laws, and an attorney can help preserve the evidence that may prove crucial to your case. At Guest & Brady, we have the expertise and resources to compel trucking companies to provide important evidence and we can help you pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve after a life changing truck accident.

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