Proving fault in a motorcycle accident is one of the most critical components of a successful injury claim. However, this isn’t always clear cut, and it can be quite challenging to piece together what happened during an accident and if one or more people are at fault. By working with an experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer, you can determine if another driver’s negligence caused or contributed to the collision and if you are eligible for financial compensation for the damages you’ve incurred.

A Lawyer Can Help Reconstruct the Accident

The first thing that must be done after an accident is determining how the accident actually occurred. What position were the vehicles in, what were they doing, or where were they going at the time of the collision? Which vehicle hit which, and where was the damage on each vehicle located? Your attorney can utilize the expertise of professional accident reconstruction specialists, and can reconstruct what happened right before, during, and right after the accident in order to answer these crucial questions.

An Attorney Can Evaluate If the Other Driver Was Breaking Any Laws

If the other driver broke any laws at the time the accident occurred, it is far easier to prove negligence. For example, if the driver was texting while driving, driving drunk, speeding, or running a stop sign, the negligence is more obvious. Your attorney can evaluate the facts of your case and the police report to determine if the other driver broke any laws just before the accident and if these breaches caused or contributed to the collision in any way.

A Lawyer Can Help You Preserve Pertinent Evidence

There is a variety of pertinent evidence in each motorcycle accident case, and knowing what is important and what isn’t can sometimes be difficult to ascertain. An experienced attorney who has a track record of success in motorcycle accident cases knows what to look for and what evidence must be preserved immediately, as well as what steps to take to preserve that evidence. If contacted immediately, your lawyer can investigate the accident alongside authorities, ensuring that each entity involved abides by the law and evidence that could be useful in your claim is adequately documented.

Contact a South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a motorcycle crash, it is imperative that you act as quickly as possible. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can to ensure that your rights and interests are protected at all stages of your case, especially in the very beginning when evidence is being collected and negligence needs to be proven.

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