Fran Powell is a Greenville paralegal with the real estate department and has over twenty-five years of experience. She is known as the “fixer” and enjoys taking care of problems others say cannot be solved. She is married with five children and is also very passionate about mission work in Brazil. She enjoys traveling, especially for mission trips.

Fran focuses on protecting the interests of property buyers so they can obtain a clear title. Her work includes title searches, title abstracts, judgments, tax liens, real estate litigation, probate issues, title insurance, right of ways, easements, first place lienholders, title discrepancies, encroachment issues, owners affidavits, HUD statements, leases, bond for titles, contract for sales, assignments, commercial real estate, quit claim deeds, joint tenancy with rights of survivorship (JTWRS), life estates, deeds of distribution, mail aways, ancillary estates, deed prep, buying property out of foreclosure, investment properties, and foreclosure auction purchases.

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