A: If your injury prevents you from returning to work for a temporary period of time then you are entitled to receive weekly compensation for the time that you are unable to work. If after receiving medical treatment, you are permanently unable to return to the work place at which you were injured then there are possibilities of receiving what is called Permanent and Total Disability or perhaps for compensation based on your lost earnings capacity. Regardless of the benefit for which you may qualify, the total that you may receive is capped at a certain number of weeks of compensation depending on the benefit awarded.Regardless of benefit for which you may qualify, it is important not to trust that the insurance company or even the employer will maximize your benefits. The motives of the insurance company and the carrier are far different from yours. The insurance carrier’s measurements of success in a claim are driven by paying a little as possible on a claim. Do not rely on the insurance company to explain to you the total benefits that you are entitled to receive. Don’t be fooled or lulled into thinking that you will be treated fairly by the insurance carrier without assistance. Seek the advice of an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney soon as soon after the injury as possible in order to understand your rights and the benefits available to you.