Elderly patients are being neglected and mistreated in nursing homes far more frequently than most people realize. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, about one out of every three nursing home residents in America suffers from neglect. In one survey conducted by the Center, nearly half of all participating residents claimed they personally… Read More →

Car accident lawsuits are a way for victims of car crashes and their family members to recover financial compensation for the damages they incurred as a result of the accident. Here are answers to your most common questions about car accident lawsuits.

Parents may be held liable in court for damages for things their children post on Facebook, according to a recent decision from the Georgia Court of Appeals. A seventh-grader created a fake Facebook page for a classmate. The page used a “fat face” app to make the girl look obese, and included posts suggesting that… Read More →

A brain injury can be a devastating blow to the victim and his or her family. The costs associated with brain injuries can be high, and the obstacles ahead are many. Here’s how to know when a brain injury warrants calling an attorney.