A truck manufacturer can be held accountable for designing a windshield that wasn’t strong enough to withstand a piece of concrete falling from a highway overpass, the California Court of Appeal recently decided. The truck driver suffered severe brain injuries when a 2.5-pound piece of concrete dropped by a 15-year-old smashed through his windshield and… Read More →

Karen Hastings was driving on a country road in rural upstate New York when she crashed into a cow that had escaped from a farm.She sued the cow’s owners and the farm, claiming they had been careless in allowing the cow to wander. Specifically, she claimed the fence separating the pasture from the road was… Read More →

Can medical products cause injury, and if they do, should medical products lawsuits be considered? Here’s a look at three medical products that are currently under fire for allegedly causing serious medical problems themselves: Gadolinium is a dye that’s injected into patients in order to enhance MRI images, making them easier to read. Several years… Read More →

Guest & Brady to “Light the Night”

A team representing Guest & Brady employees, family and friends will be participating the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Light the Night” Walk on October 24. You can join with Guest & Brady by going to our team page for more details. We are trying to raise $5000 for this worthy cause and you can donate… Read More →